To make a box 5

This image shows a completed drawer.

completed drawer
drawer dovetails

A close up of the dovetails.

Starting work on the handles.  Some ideas sketched for the client to see. A mock up in walnut is temporarily fixed to the drawer front to see what it looks like. The actual handles are made in ebony.

handle ideas

Beginning work on the handles here, cutting pieces for the sides of the handles on the table saw.

The router table is used to put a half round on the ends of the side pieces.

shaping handles

Drilling holes for the cross piece to locate in.

 Forming the round tenon which will locate in the drawer front, making 2 side pieces on each length.

shaping handles
shaping handles

The curved outside edge of the side pieces are formed using a large diameter drill bit.

Dividing the pieces in two.

dividing pieces in 2

Shaping the square tenon into a dowel.