To make a box 4

Starting work on the drawers which are going to be made in maple. Here the sides are marked out for cutting the tails.

working on drawer sides
pins in drawer fronts

Once the tails are cut  the  pins are marked out  in the drawer fronts. Here the waste is being removed to form the pins.

 This is a dry fit to see how the tails and pins fit.

planing drawer sides

Cleaning up the maple sides with a sharp block plane.

The drawers taking shape shown here with the centre partition dry fitted in place.

planing ebony strips

The drawer fronts have ebony “cock beading” detail.  Strips of ebony are being planed here.

Planing the strips of ebony to a uniform size.

planing strips of ebony

The strips have a moulded edge.

Using a chisel to cut the mitred edges on the cock beading. The rectangular block guides the chisel so it cuts the ebony at 45 degrees.

The beading fits on a rebate formed on the edge of the drawer front.