To make a box 3

Flushing off the pins and tails with a sharp hand plane.

cleaning up dovetails
separating the top

  Time to cut the lid off. Back on the router table for this. The front and back are kept over size so that there is  a flat surface to run on the bed of the machine for this operation.

Another “heart in the mouth” moment over. The lid is safely detached from the rest of the box.

The sides are kept over length as it’s much easier to hold the box lid. Here  the surface is being planed smooth.

I use the same jig for putting in the groove for the lid panel for the groove for the ebony stringing.

routing groove for stringing
removing waste from top

Finally it’s time to cut the waste wood off the front and back of the lid. I remove most of it on the table saw with the blade on an angle.

Finishing off with a hand plane.

groove for the hinges

The next step is to cut the grooves for the knife hinges. The router table is ideal for this.

Starting work on the drawer runners using an engineers square to set the runner accurately.

setting drawer runners

Once in position holes are drilled for 6mm dowels which will ensure the runner is in the exact position for glue up.