To make a box 1

A mock up in mdf was made  for this box to check the dimensions were in proportion.

box mock up
walnut board

A hand plane is used to eliminate any machine marks. When possible 1 board is used so there is a colour match around all 4 sides.

The board is then cut to the lengths of the 4 sides.

walnut board cut into sections

The process of dovetailing begins by marking the depth of the tails with a marking gauge.

The tails are marked on the end of the board. Here the saw cuts for the tails are shown. The mirror shows where  to stop the saw cut on the back of the board.

first dovetail cuts

Once the waste is removed from between the tails a very sharp chisel is used to pair to the line marked in with the marking gauge.

Once the tails are cut they are used as a template to mark the position of the pins.

marking pin position
marking pin position

This is a homemade jig used to transfer the pin position onto the face of the side board.

Once the tails and pins are cut it’s the moment of truth when  a dry fit is carried out  to see how the pins and tails fit together.

using hand plane

A no 7 jointer plane is used to even up any discrepancies.