Letter Carving

To make it a really special gift Philip can letter carve a plate and recess it into the front of your box. This is normally the recipients name but any lettering can be chosen. The letters are cut by hand using carving chisels, they are not machine cut.

Most of the boxes can accommodate a letter carved plate.

The plate is either carved in the same wood species the box is made in or lime. For letter carving lime is ideal because it has very little grain pattern so won’t detract the eye from the carving. It is a light coloured wood so blends in with boxes made in ash and maple or you have a contrast with other species. As with all light coloured timbers it will darken over time.

 The carved letters on the images here are verdana bold font. Unless otherwise agreed this is the font your letters will be carved in. If you have a particular font you would like to use please contact Philip to see whether your font can be carved.

Let Philip know which box you are interested in and the wording on the plate before purchasing the box so that he can confirm the feasibility of your idea.

The cost of having a personalised hand carved plate fitted to your box is £160.00

To purchase go to the shop page and click on the box with the carved name

Oak jewellery with oak nameplate

Oak jewellery box with lime nameplate

Mahogany jewellery box with lime nameplate