A look at previous work

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An oak jewellery box measuring 390mm wide, 270mm deep, 280mm high. The lid panels and drawer fronts are burr oak. The client had very particular measurements for the compartments. The space below the lid is split into 40 compartments 35mm square.

This jewellery box was made for the CEO of one of the large high street banks. It  has a burr walnut panel in the lid and burr walnut drawer fronts. Maple was used for the interior tray and drawer parts. The client specified an adaption of the “I love New York” logo on the box with his wife’s initials used and the numbers in the heart representing her 60th birthday.

Three large storage boxes in ash, oak and walnut. The tops of the walnut and ash boxes are burr veneered, the oak top is a book matched piece of wild, rippled oak. The handles are carved and turned.

Three jewellery boxes in ash, oak and elm. All the exterior faces are burr veneered. The dimensions are 250mm wide, 180mm deep, 140mm high. 

This box was commissioned for a Noah’s ark collection. The animals sit in the segmented drawers. The wooden ark is housed in the top section. The measurements are 350mm wide, 240mm deep, 245mm high. The lid and drawer fronts are veneered in burr walnut. The handles are African blackwood and the inlay is ebony. The inner drawer parts are maple. Lined in black velvet.

This jewellery box has sides that curve out towards the base. Made in walnut with a burr walnut top. The sizes are 330mm wide, 250mm deep, 145mm high. There are two trays made in walnut and lined in black baize, with a 30mm space below the bottom tray. 

This box  was made to house technical equipment.The client wanted a well made box but not a very fancy box so no burrs were used. The hinges are more heavy duty with 3 screws holding each leaf as opposed to the usual 2. The handle is made up of 5 pieces laminated together. The 2 thinner strips in the handle are at right angles to the other 3 to increase the strength. The ebony escutcheon plate is slightly proud of the surface.

Poker chip box veneered in burr walnut. Designed to hold 800 poker chips. Spring loaded brass pins housed in the box sides locate in a brass insert in the drawer fronts so both drawers are locked when the lid is down. Lined in Mulberry suede. It  measures 430mm wide, 270mm deep, 270mm high

Two jewellery boxes in ash and elm. These have panelled lids with a curved front edge sitting proud of the box front for a finger pull.

This box is a tea caddy and was made for  a 25th wedding anniversary gift. The measurements are 250mm wide, 180mm deep, 120mm high. The client provided the lettering design and Celtic knot designs. Sand shading was used to scorch the edges of the sycamore veneer to give the impression of depth where the letters flow under each other.

Made for Cheltenham ladies college the top has a slot in it for prayer requests. The dimensions of this box are 350mm wide, 250mm deep and 200mm high. 

Made to house 6 silver plated beakers used for the dice game perudo.
The box is fully lined in blue velvet and the hinges and hinge screws are silver plated to match the beakers.

Three jewellery boxes in maple, oak and walnut. These boxes have inset burr panels on all 5 exterior faces.

Walnut writing box. The tray is designed to hold envelopes and cards. The musical movement is activated by a brass rod with a sycamore top moving in the side of the box.