You can have a box specially made to suit your requirements. Commissioned boxes start at £1000. As with all Philip’s boxes it will be jointed with hand cut dovetails as a prerequisite.

Have a think about exactly what you want and if possible include a sketch (no matter how scratchy the sketch is it will give Philip an idea of what you want).


What type of wood (any burr veneer detail)

Curved top or flat top (curved tops increase the price)

compartments-how and many what size


Lining (velvet, suede etc)

Letter carving/marquetry-if so, what wording


Brass or stainless steel hardware

Once Philip has some idea of your needs he can make suggestions and give you a quote.

Below are examples of past commissions and an indication of cost.

Jewellery box in oak 

A large box measuring 390mm wide, 270mm deep, 280mm high. with numerous compartments in varying sizes stipulated by the client. The lid panels and drawer fronts are burr oak. The knobs were turned by Philip. Lined in black velvet.

Guide price £3400.00
Poker chip box in walnut

Designed to hold 800 poker chips. Spring loaded brass pins housed in the box sides locate in a brass insert in the drawer fronts so both drawers are locked when the lid is down. Lined in Mulberry suede. It  measures 430mm wide, 270mm deep, 270mm high.

Guide price £4600.00
Jewellery box in walnut

This jewellery box was made for the CEO of one of the large high street banks. It  has a burr walnut panel in the lid and burr walnut drawer fronts. Maple was used for the interior tray and drawer parts. The client specified an adaption of the “I love New York” logo on the box with his wife’s initials used and the numbers in the heart representing her 60th birthday. The dimensions are 360mm wide, 270mm deep and 220mm high.

Guide price £3450.00
Jewellery Armoire

This is actually a small chest to hold jewellery. When the lid is closed a spring loaded pin locates in the top of the doors so that when locked the lid and doors are secure. The drawers are segmented with sides that can be removed to suit the owners requirements. Made in oak with burr oak panels and drawer fronts. A complicated and very time consuming piece to make. A message to the clients wife was carved on the underside of the lid.

Guide price £6500.00