Fine bespoke boxes handmade by Philip Sewell

A dovetail cut above the rest

Philip Sewell is a cabinet maker specialising in making beautiful fine hardwood boxes in rural Leicestershire.

To see jewellery boxes and cufflink boxes for sale visit the shop.

Best described as arts and crafts boxes where joints are emphasised and not hidden, all his boxes are superbly crafted using hand-cut dovetails creating extremely strong and eye catching corner joints showing the makers skills.

Philip’s boxes will pass down through the generations.

Each box has Philip’s signature, a joined P and S carved on the inside.

His boxes include very fine detailing such as carved handles and marquetry and any ironmongery (hinges, locks etc) are of the highest quality.

Interested in box construction?

Visit to make a box to find out more.

To see past examples of Philip’s work go to the gallery page.


jewellery box in maple

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